Psychic Messages

(Poems from Past Life)




Like A Puppet In Your Hands

By Nir - The Psychic Poet


ďIím your own puppet with strings.

Cut one

and I wonít able to breathe.

Cut two

and Iíll get a flu.

Cut three

and it will be the last kiss I'll give you

before you hear my plea.


The wood doesnít stop the life to come,

but your heart makes me feel a numb.

We donít share the same body,

but share the same soul,

you draw me from earth,

but thinking of you I always fall.


You put me on the shelf

next to the teddy bears

as a trophy you got,

dancing in your ring,

winning every fight.


Pooh is moaning that you hold him tight,

Barbie isn't happy how you dressed her up

seeing Ken is not impressed.

You bring in The Tiger

that is making a mess.


I can escape,

with a broken hand,

with a broken leg,

I can burden the pain,

but a broken heart

is the reason why I stay.


My life are pretty funny

as you make me cry even as a dummy,

knowing my emotions aren't real,

knowing if you weren't beside me

I wouldn't know what to feel.


I knew our love couldn't last,

lying sick on your bed,

puking sawdust."