The Empty Theater


December 30, 2005 - The day of the big Show came. Even on that day I continued passing my Invites around LA. Not only to stars, but also to regular people I met on the way, until my bag was empty of the all 500 Invites I did.

I bought with the rest of the money I had left 6 Dozen Roses. I putted the bouquets in the Entrance to hand each lady with a Flower. I set up the stage, and arranged my poems in shape of a big heart, and scattered petals around it.

I used as props things I found in the theater, and other stuff I collected through out my journey.

I placed on each one of the seats with the Synopsis of my TV Script, and putted a placard of the Show outside the Theater so people will see the place. It was all set and done.


But sadly it ended up a no show as no one showed up, even the director wasn't there (having previous engagements).

I felt broken, but it didn't kill my spirit, I knew I done all that I can promote the show.

I didn't care about the money gone to waste,

I didn't care about missing my dad's birthday,

I didn't care of hurting my feet from all of the walking I did in the rain while being cold,

I only cared about Julia.

The Show was only a way, not the final goal of me to find her.

Also I knew there was a reason why it happened. Fate brought me there for a reason and if not for the show then for something else.