Stars on the way

In the Chateau you never guess who the Star you'll cross by. On Friday, December 16, 2005, 2 weeks before my Show, and a week before meeting The 3 Women, it was for me Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet.


They were celebrating her birthday along with a couple of her friends. I came to eat my dinner. They were in the stage of passing her presents.

I wanted to use this chance to hand them my Invites, but didn't want to look like I was trying to intrude.

The best way I knew was to somehow make them approach me, not me them, then I can make my move.


I asked the waiter to recommend me of Bottle of wine, not by its price, but by its quality, seeing in the menu they have up to $500 worth of wine. Luckily he recommended me a French one that was with good quality and cost less, about $100. I said o.k., and asked him to pass it to Amanda as a birthday present.


He did, and as expected they turned and thanked me, cheering me with their glasses with the wine I ordered then.

At first I was cool, acting like it was nothing, and seconds later urged myself to get up to them quickly, not wanting my $100 space I bought turn into a penny.


I used this chance to approached them, congratulating Amanda, saying I didn't want to look I was coming there empty when it was her birthday.

I returned to my table. In the mean while Keane went outside to the garden to smoke a cigarette.

Immediately after I returned to Amanda saying I would also like give her and her friends Invites to my show, consider it another present.


When she saw the Invites she was amazed by the name, Psychic Poet, repeatedly telling her friends to look, asking me what it means. I explained her in shorts of the show, and the long journey I took only because of the girl who inspired me to do it. She took all the Invites I gave her and putted then in her bag. I congratulated her to come, and walked out to my next target, Keanu Reeves.


Keanu was sitting in a chair there, heavily smoking a cigarette. I asked if I can sit next to him, he let me. He then asked me: "So what are you doing here Nir?"

I told him the story with the Show, gave him an Invite. He carefully looked at the poem, and said he doesn't understand it that for one hand I'm talking to him about this Girl who I never met in real life, who inspired me to do this poems and this journey to her, but in this Poem I talk like I know her, and he quoted from me a verse from there: "I look at your eyes, not feeling immune, knowing I did something wrong, knowing I was a fool". He said I talk about as if I know her. The amazing thing is that he was on it before I did, as only a week later I found it out by the 3 women.


Another Star I met on my last journey was actor Martin Sheen. Him I found in Malibu few days before the Show I planned. I figured if there will be a place to find a Star in the holiday time it will be in restaurants there. My first stop was Star bucks coffee. I came by in the morning there especially from Hollywood. I ordered myself a cup of coffee, and stacked for my pray.

Seeing no one was coming I went for a walk. Coming back I noticed, looking outside the place Martin Sheen.

He was amusing a baby of one of the costumers while waiting for his Coffee. I went back in, stood in line, waiting ordering another cup. Seeing he got his coffee and left I rushed after him as he was walking to his car. I called him, he stopped. I presented myself and told him about Julia, my long journey from Israel, and the Show I came to do there.

Handed him Invites for it, and showing him how this Girl influenced me taking out of the bag I had with all the Invites, a large stock of papers with all of my poems.


First he thought I came to ask him for money, but I told him that wasn't my intent at all. I had money. Besides, I would never do that. I only came to him to give him Invites for my Show, and I asked him to bring other people he knows.


He offered me a cigarette, I said I don't smoke. He asked me if I mind him smoking, I said no.

He was interested to hear more, asking what my parents think of all this journey of mine, and I saying to him they don't know what I am up to. And most of connection they have with me beside the phone calls was the credit card bills I got.


He was surprised how could a guy fly to the other side of the Globe to do a Show for a Girl he only seen a picture of.

I told him of my meeting with the 3 Women. He was interested to know if they'll come see the show. I told him I wasn't sure, but I invited him to come and see.

A funny thing us that in my previous time in LA I met with actress Dennis Richards, who I knew was related to him by that time.

I mentioned that to him, and he said: "You run into my son-in-law, Dennis?"

On thing I learned about him is that he certainly wasn't a member of President Bush's fan club. He was disappointed to see I was. Soon our talk changed way into politics.


Later I went to the Nubo Restaurant that was close by, remembering the last time I was in LA I saw there John Cusack. I continued my hunt.


The next night I came back to the Chateau. It was only 2 days before the show. I came there for dinner and noticed it was packed. A lot of stars were coming back fresh of their holiday vacation in the east coast back to the city.


I met with Kirsten Dunst. Pretending I don't know who she is, I asked for her name. We shook hands, and started talking a bit. Hearing I'm from Israel she asked me to speak Hebrew with her lady friend. I used this chance to talk all exited about the show, promoting it, knowing the people standing behind the front desk's lobby wouldn't understand us. Later I walked them trough the stairs when we were alone, walking them to the parking lot of the hotel as they were waiting for Kirsten's car. I handed her the Invites, invited them to come, saying there'll be a lot of celebrities there, and she said she that it's o.k. She doesn't need celebrities being there to influence her to come.


There was Matt Dillon, but him I saw in the Chateau only few days after the planned show. And he wasn't much of a talker. The Front desk guy, told me: "You tried talking to him?" like he's not a chatty chat kind of guy. His quick firmed handshake proved that.