Story of my life

My name is Nir - The Psychic Poet. I was born in April 3, 1979 in Israel.


I work as a salesman in a high-Tec company, business of the family .My father built the firm, my mother later joined with her marketing skills. They run it together in the city we live.

As part of my job I manage a store of the company near Tel-Aviv.


October 1998 - After graduating from high-school, I enrolled to college, studying "Management and Industry"

for 2 years, got my degree.

I was a Member of the Student Union there.

Between the 2 Years, in the summer of '99, I met with Julia.


September 2000 - I went on the service, first in security and a year later went on to a desk job in a base close to home, doing presentations, giving in use what I studied in college.


September 2002 - I went to work in my parent's company.