Psychic Messages

(Poems from Past Life)


The Search of Julia in this New Life


Taking Your Love Test

By Nir - The Psychic Poet


“You are my guiding spirit,

my love for you has no limit.


You take me as your lover boy

out of the farm,

turn me into your peasant

with no cows around,

making foolish words sound like charm,

asking me to take a test for your ensures of my love.


“How much do you want me?

What is the journey you will do?

There are many ways to find me.

What is the way you will choose?


Will you ride a horse?

Will you fly sky high?

Will you cross the ocean?

Where are you going to start?


Will you go barefoot?

Will you drive a car?

Will you travel a train?

Where will you place the track?”


I mark the moments I’ve been with you,

counting the stars that your eyes viewed

since the night we met,

when I didn’t have to dream,

when I didn’t have to go to bed.


As your view reflecting to my eyes

I know I made no mistake,

I can look at them and see myself.”