The Day of the Show

September 22, 2006 - As in the last time, I arranged everything, the bouquets, the stage, the placard of the Show, and the Synopsis of my TV Script on each seat. It was all again set and done. And this time there were people showing up, about 10, even the casting director who couldn’t attend the last time, and he brought a camera with him to film the Event. 

Among the Guests were also a woman who flew all the way from Arkansas to see me, and a nice person I met by chance while passing my invites in Agencies at Beverly Hills few days before. He was coming with a lady companion.


I started the Show, not minding the many empty seats that were left, knowing I would have done it even if one person came.

The Show came to close, I was getting Loud Applause, sounding like the all place was packed.     Everyone were leaving, but I was still feeling my Mission wasn't complete yet, as the all point of the Show was to get an Agent that will help me to publish my Book.