The Search for FIRE*N*ICE


I felt through the years that Fate is somehow guiding me to find Julia.

So I decided I want to do it.

How…? By doing a Poetry Show dedicated on her honor in a big theater in Hollywood, and all of that based on an image / a vision I had in my mind one morning on September 2005.

Following a visit I had in LA on May 2003, I decided on a theater to do the show, and had in my mind places where I can go and promote the show. I did over 500 Invites for 99 sits to pass all around Los Angeles.

The date of the Show I decided on was December 30, even due it was my father's birthday, and I felt sorry I needed to miss it. But my heart was set on this show, on this mission. I didn't even care it was while the holiday, nothing could stop me, even not my family back home as I told them I needed to go for 22 days (from December 13 to January 4), but I couldn't tell them why because if I did they would think I'm crazy.

After a World War 3 back home I came to LA without any meetings scheduled, going to the other side of the Globe only for this show, in hopes it will lead me to find this girl, Julia. I didn't even grab a camera before I left, saying that if there'll be a picture taken of me it will be from a newspaper.

As for the financing for the Journey, Fate was beside me. Besides of the money I saved working in my parents Company, I got a big grant from the service that was a long time due.

Immediately after arriving to LA I started my promoting for the show.

I traveled all around Los Angeles, mostly by foot, from Agency to Agency.

Only in the second day I've been there I walked from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to West Hollywood / Sunset and back to Hollywood, passing my invites around. I walked so much that I hurt my feet, and couldn't walk the next day. And so that I could continue my journey I went with per of slippers, that I borrowed from the front desk's lady in the Motel I stayed at, to buy a special orthopedic shoes.

I've also been in Culver City, Malibu, Santa Monica, Burbank, all around Los Angeles.

Because of Julia I found myself in a movie premiere of "Rumor Has It..." with Rob Reiner.

I found myself taking a course on CCI - The Celebrity Centre International of Scientology.

I found myself eating on fancy places as: Spargo, The Palm, Nobu, Mr. Chow, The Roosevelt Hotel, etc...

I found myself meeting on my journey a lot of interesting people, a lot of Celebrities, people from the Industry, telling them my story, and inviting them come see my show in hopes they can help me to put on use the gifts I got, so I can ultimately find Julia.


For all of the days of my trip I booked myself a room in a Motel in Hollywood.

From living there as a peasant I went to live as a prince in a Castle in the Chateau Marmont at Sunset for every weekend I had there including Christmas, but without my princess. I took the cheapest room they had.

And decided, that even due I'm staying there, I need to save my money as much as I can, doing my own laundry for example.

It looked kind of funny, as a guest in this highly expensive hotel going down the elevator with 3 huge bags of laundry on his shoulder to the closest laundry mat near the hotel, with those bags that mentioning the name of the hotel. People were looking at me in strange eyes.

I went to all those places so I can pass invites for the big show I planned a day before New Year's to Industry people, celebrities, agents.

I thought of all kind of ways to get their attention like sending them bouquets of Roses or even small gifts, and placed my Invites inside.