Mission Statement


My heart wants to get out,

                         be close to yours,

                                   knowing it has the key of my world.


I want to find Julia, to thank her, to reconnect and to experience what else she might awaken in my soul. I am tired of feeling cold without her. This site is dedicated to her. The main object of it is to promote the Show I'll do in LA on Friday, June 1, 2007, so later I'll be able to release a poetry book on her honor.

I want to reach her in a special way. To give her the choice so she will decide. To give a way by the book so she can find me, not me finding her. I'll do my part of getting all the way to the City of Angels, finally do this Show and this book to this Angel. She only needs to decide if to reach me her wing.

My ultimate goal is to hold a book-signing next Valentine's Day in LA, on Julia's birthday, and sign her book, with all of the poems I've written for her, in person. And for that I need to do the show.

I want to find out for once and for all if she is my One and Only Soul Mate. I will only be able to tell that as we both look deep into each other's eyes.

I just want to see her.

If it will be from far or close she will decide.

If it will be by passing a note or holding my hand she will decide.

If it will be with both of our eyes open or hers closed she will decide.

I just want one chance.

She will decide if she wants me by her side.

I at least want her to know of the journeys for her I've done.

Whether she wants me or not is not completely relevant to me. I want to thank her for changing my life, for making me feel Alive!

If she'll decide it's the end of my Journeys I'll leave her my poems and get off her cloud.