Meeting with FIRE*N*ICE


Between my first and second year of College, in the summer of '99, while I was helping in my parent's factory, I asked my father's secretary is she knows any good Chat places on the web, and she advised me on one, ICQ.


I took on a Nickname "Beautiful Stranger", and on the evenings I went on, looking for girls to chat with from all over the world, when suddenly one day someone popped in my window. Her Nickname was "FIRE*N*ICE".


She was a beautiful young girl from Los Angeles, by the name Julia (born Feb 14, 1979, an LA native). Blonde hair, blue eyes… a True Angel.

A day after seeing her picture I started writing poetry in English, even though it wasn't my native language, and I couldn't stop. She became my first Muse.

It was like a volcano of emotions bursting out of my Heart into papers, my hand being moved by itself like in a Wiggie Board.  

I have been able to write about love, even though I have never felt that before.

I have been able to write about abandonment, even though I have never been abandoned.

I have been able to write about death, even though I never died.

She woke me up and helped me start feel Alive!!

But because of a technical reason (my computer shutting down) I lost her e-mail, and so any further contact with her as she stopped her membership on the place we used to chat.

I believe that because of that she thinks I lost interest on her, and she doesn't know the affect she done on my life.

So far I've written over 120 poems and a script of a Sitcom, also in English, based on an actress - Renee O'Connor.

I can't count the number of gifts I found out in myself because of her. She basically changed my life (even my looks), and the funny thing is that she doesn't even know it, resting this Gift, her spirit on me and then flying away. She took out something special that was buried inside of me.