The Messenger -

Meeting with The 3 Wise Women

December 23, 2005 - As part of my promotion before the show I felt I needed to stay at The Chateau over the weekends I had in LA, but when it was the weekend before Christmas, I started questioning myself that maybe I done a mistake. Everyone back in the lobby told me the place will be empty. I asked myself why I have done that, guessing no one is going to be there, especially this time, and that the money will just go to waste. I remembered in the morning promising my father over the phone that as part of my plan, that I can't reveal, is that I needed be in this Hotel (I couldn't hide the fact that I was staying there over the weekend since my credit bills arrived home, and my parents saw them).

I went to the restroom, started feeling sick, keep asking myself why I done that. But immediately when I started feeling so I told myself Something Must happen, I didn't come there for nothing. And amazingly something didů

Something spectacular happened to me there by then, exactly a week before the show I planned, something which helped me understand more about my life and my poetry, that connected me with this mystery girl - Julia.

And the event that happened was this:


First of all the place was packed that night. I was enjoying myself on the porch with some of the other guests, telling them of my upcoming show, giving them Invites, when I was approached by a young black lady. She asked me of who I was. I presented myself as a Psychic Poet. Immediately after I said that she called two of her female fiends to meet me, specifically one who showed great interest of me for some reason (Later I found out she was a Psychic). I kissed her hand as a Gentleman, greeting her, and went to sit on my chair.


Then she said something strange:

"Do you know there is a Bird on you?"

I replayed with: "What.......?"

There is Bird on your shoulder, pecking you."

I turned around, haven't seen nothing, got up from my chair and approached her.

I said "No, no Bird" and circled around myself, to show her I have nothing on me.


She then said that before this bird was covering me, not allowing her to see through me, but now she can. They asked me what I was doing there, and I told them about the Show I came to do, handing them my Invites.


They found me intriguing, and the girl who I first met of the 3 invited me to sit with them.

They led me into the hotel, and we all sat near a big Christmas tree.


I continued telling them a bit about the Journey, the Show, the poems and Julia, who was my inspiration for them.

The Psychic girl asked if I talk about Abandon in my poems, and I said yes.


She was amazed, and started babbling "Oh my God, oh my God.........", and I asked the other girl what was happening to her friend. Then the Psychic Said "You're The Writer!"

Then they said "We have a Message for you".


The Psychic girl told me that in my past life I used to be a writer from England. I met with Julia, we fell deeply in love, but something happened and she left me. She also mentioned that someone of us died, she wasn't sure who. She said that now, in this new life, I'm trying to find her - The Love one from my Past life, after losing contact with her. She signaled me and now I'm following her signal.

The Psychic girl didn't know more, only saying I need to clear all the fog in my mind, and it will be revealed to me. Later I found some of the answers in the poems I've written. It was clear to me I was writing messages from my past life, from my time with Julia.

For example the reason why Julia left me in the previous life, according to the poems I've written, was because I betrayed and deceived her. And I couldn't bare the thought of living alone without her as she gone with someone else, who she didn't love, so I killed myself. 


I asked her if she could see people coming to the show, and she said it will be as I see it in my mind. I've seen empty sits, but didn't pay attention to that, figuring it was only fear.

The conversation was over when they said "We gave you the message, now you can go", simply as that. It looked like it was another stage of my journey on my search for Julia.


If this entire Tale that they told me was true or not I will be only able to tell when I see her face to face and we both look deep into each other eyes.


In one point all this story sounds crazy but also crazy the idea me writing so many poems in English, when it isn't even my native language. Needless to say I hardly red any books in Hebrew even, never the less Poetry. Or to mark it even more - I Never red or written any Poems in English previous to my encounter with Julia.


Listening to what they said it all made sense to me thinking of my poems.


I've been able to write about love, even though I have never felt that before.

I've been able to write about abandonment, even though I have never been abandoned.

I've been able to write about death, even though I have never died.


I mean how can I write about things I didn't experience in this life?


It also helped me understand all kind of habits I embraced myself since my childhood.

Everything was in my poems, the messages I've written from my life before. I was praying for Julia to come back. I felt so alone without her that I decided to take my own life.

But it looks I couldn't kill my love for her, that will stay internal.

After hearing this Amazing story I was all existed, finally knew what the theme of my Show will be. I didn't mind I had only a week to prepare for it, and still left with a bunch of Invites to pass. With this story Idea I got more powers.

There were a lot of girls there, I handed them my Invites, told them of Julia, the journey, and the show I especially came there to do, in hoped it will lead me to her. They found me very interesting wanting to know more and more of this Mystery girl, who impacted so much on my life.

One girl, hearing I know by the name The Psychic Poet asked me if I could tell her future. I looked into her eyes, by the open window she sat, and told her she will become more and more beautiful. Another came to warmly hag me, and was fascinated how crazy romantic I was. She hugged me warmly, strokes her hands on my chicks, and told me she knows I'll find her, seeing all of the passion and dedication in my eyes.