Me and Harrison Ford


Through out my journeys I met a lot of celebrities in Los Angeles.

Among them was my favorite actor of all time - Harrison Ford.

This happened on The Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Blvd, Saturday night, May 31, 2003.

He was walking hand to hand with his lovely companion Calista Flockhart.

When I saw him I first felt intimidated, after all he is Indiana Jones, and Han Solo.

He was talking with an older man. I approached him, shook his hand and presented myself to him. He replied with "Hi Nir. Meet, this is Robert".

Most of the stars there that were just starting out were ignorant and just passed me by, except Ford. Even though he is tall, he stooped down and looked me in the eye. This is a proof of his greatness, a fun to be around man with both feet on ground.

The previous day I had the honor of witnessing him get a Star on Hollywood Blvd. His family was there. Also Steven Spielberg came especially to greet him.


I congratulated him for getting the star. A star I said he should have received a decade ago.

I asked him about it, why he thinks it took a long time, and he replied me by saying why Bob Hope needed to wait for his star.

I told him I'm a big fan of all of his work, and that I even liked his flock K-19, he then said "So you're the one..." and we started laughing.

Calista reminded me of a Cinderella, taking off her shoes, feeling not comfortable in them.

It looked like she was rushing Harrison, telling him they needed to leave, and I asked her "Why are you keeping him on a leash like that?" and she replied with "You're so sweet".

Harrison then came to find me and told me to have a safe journey back to Israel.


Besides of Harrison I saw there Brooke Burns, Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Hartnet, Famke Janssen, Seann William Scott, and Colin Farrell (who had his birthday that day).

I told Colin I felt I sorry coming empty for the event, and offered to buy him a drink. He said no, and offered to buy me one. I thanked him, but said no to his offer also.

It was kind of funny to me standing in a circle with all of those stars, being the only one who hasn't yet to shine, and everyone presenting them to me, like they need introduction.