Cool Hand Poet


After coming back to Israel I still couldn't forget about Juli@. It's like something kept drawing me to her.

There were a lot of fights with my parents back home, kept mentioning me of the money they claimed I wasted there, trying numerous times to make me say that I failed, and make me forget of all this Fairy Tale, of Juli@, come back to the real life.

What hurted me most that my parents tried to make me stop this Journey by feeling guilt, saying over and over how this all Journey of mine and way of life jeopardizing their health.

I was frustrated, I was angry, but couldn't give up.

I knew I had this Mission I needed to complete in hand.

Something inside me told me to try to do again the Show.

So I decided to come back again to LA.

The Spiritual Advisor who I went to see few months after coming back told me of a Local English Theater I should check out. When I went there I saw an Editor of the Jerusalem Post who was covering a Play I went to see there. I used this chance to present her my material and tell her a bit of the Journeys I've been through. She was amazed and taken by the Poems, especially of the fact I was writing this beautiful Poems in English when it isn't my native language. She took my email and promised to get back to me.

Few days later I got an email of a Journalist of the Jerusalem who said her Editors want her to do a Story about me.

What was peculiar to me is that the editors of the paper found my Story much more fascinating than the Poems that I written. The Poems were Beautiful, but they were much more taken by the Journey itself, a person who's willing to cross the earth in the name of Love only.

I had the Article about me on May 19, 2006. I used it to pass it to a Lot of Media all Over the US with a letter and my Site I worked hard on building, with the Story of my Journey to that point, as promotion for the Show I was about to do in LA around September.

After passing Hundreds of emails with my Story I got few responses of Radio Show who asked to put me live on their Shows, from US and Canada, when the theme was usually the Supernatural.

I passed So Much mail that my Hotmail Account fell, and that was just days before my Arrival to LA, and proposals for Radio Show Interviews started to come in.

The date that came in my way for the Show was September 22, 2006. Even though I knew that in the period of time that I'll be there I'd have to miss the Birthday of my mom now. But that didn't matter me so much as I felt me finally achieving my Dream is the best gift I can give her.

And this time I had Promotion leading to the Show.

Also little bit over a month before my Arrival to LA I met online with a Beautiful woman from a small town in Arkansas.

She was fascinated by my picture I put on display on the place we chatted and by my Amazing Story. And promised she'll be the first to come and see my Show.

She was The Angel Fate sent in my way. She gave me her Wings when there was no one there.

Going this time to LA I was with a very low budget, that much that for the plane ticket I purchased I paid in 12 payments. They had a special price for 30 days, so I took it. I figured 10 days passing the Invites in LA will be enough as I had my Promotion from the Radio Shows. And the next 20 will be for what will follow after the Show.

There was no thinking of staying in The Chateau as last time, or going to any fancy places, knowing I needed to save my money, and besides, I already had my promotion.

I had to give up on an apartment my parents bought me, all of the sake of the Book, and the Show I planned on doing for it. That much of confident I had in me, in this Journey, and in the Show.

I remember, couple of days before my flight, going with my parents to the Lawyer to sign with them on the papers, so everything will be set and done. And the second he saw me the Lawyer said: "You're the one who's giving up an Apartment for traveling to LA?", and I all smiling said "Yes I am".

Before leaving the house for my flight my parents were kind enough to give me some pocket money. I said goodbye again, and off I went.