Guidance through my Journeys

Through out my Journey Fate gave me Guidance on the way.


The first was a female Spiritual Advisor who I met late 2003.

When something in me told me to do the Poetry Show in Los Angeles she's the one who recommended me when to do it - in December, while the holiday / Christmas time. She said that's when Miracles happen. And 2 nights before Christmas I met the 3 black women in The Chateau, with them taking me to sit with them near a big Christmas tree, and telling me the amazing story of me and Julia.

And the Spiritual advisor is the one who told me when I got back to Israel, to go to a local English Theater. When I got there I met with a Journalist who saw my poems and was amazed by them and my story, and short time later I got an email, saying her editors want to do a story about me.

She guides me, advices me what to do, giving me tasks, and I follow them. But most of all she gives me positive energy, the power to continue and never give up, which for I'll always be grateful to her.


The other thing I had was a book called "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind", which I got as graduation gift from College on 2001.

I only noticed it about 3 years later in my library. And along with the advices I got from the Spiritual Advisor my Life started take me on my way to Julia.

By it I was able to connect to my Subconscious, which gave me the epiphany of the Show I need to do in Los Angeles (one morning I had an image of the Invite in my mind), led me to places I needed to be in LA, and teaching me to believe hard and things will happen by themselves. By the tremendous energy I got and transferred, Fate brought me in contact with people who can help me, and it didn't matter how far they were.