Psychic Messages

(Poems from Past Life)




Open My Eyes

By Nir - The Psychic Poet


I want to wake up from the reality Im in,

I want to wake up

and fall asleep into your dream.


When my eyes close

you open yours,

first breath of you

makes the last of my pulse.


I die with my heart in your hands,

hoping you'll bring life inside.

hoping you'll gain us a future,

hoping you won't put my emotions in the cooler.


You're so much quiet,

you're so mush sad,

practice on your smile,

bring some light.


Open my eyes,

let me feel like I slide,

right to Eden,

no transportation,

rubbing a lamp

with many wishes to be given.


Open my eyes a little more,

let me watch the ocean flow.

But don't let your hair wave in the wind,

don't let it cover your identity as an Angel,

don't let it cover your wings.