The Return to The City of Angels


September 12, 2006 - After 14.5 hourís flight I arrived again to The City of Angels, and immediately started the promotion to my Show.

I found myself, after throwing my bags in my Usual Motel in Hollywood, already on my first day there, traveling in several Busses all the way to Torrance, for passing a Bouquet of Red Roses with my Invite inside to Jamie Lee Curtis in the Children Book-Signing she had there that day.


I had Promotion leading to the Show.

After I had the Article about me of the Jerusalem Post on May 19, 2006, I used it to pass it to a Lot!! of Media all Over the US with a letter and my Site I worked hard on building, with the Story of my Journey to that point.

After passing Hundreds of emails with my Story I got few responses of Radio Show who asked to put me live on their Shows, from US and Canada, when the theme was usually the Supernatural.

I passed So Much mail that my Hotmail Account fell, and that was just days before my Arrival to LA, and proposals for Radio Show Interviews started to come in.

They called to the Motel I stayed at, asking me questions of Juli@, and the Long Journey she made me do.

Before coming to LA I noticed that the Show I was about to do there comes in the evening of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).

Funny thing, as the Show I planned to do in my Journey before in LA was in the end of December was only a day before New Year's Eve.

While walking through Beverly Hills as part of my promotion for my Poetry Show, passing from Agency to Agency there I met with 2 Jewish men. We sat, and I told them about the Show I was about to do. At first they said I can't do it then, since it was a Jewish Holiday, and most of the people in the City, all of the Big in the Industry won't attend, as most of them are Jewish, and will stay at their home to celebrate that day. But I said I didn't pick that day, that was the day that was chosen for me, and I'm not going to change it. I trust Fate. Most of all I trust God. Hearing the date it's going to be on, one of them told me, knowing I didn't plan my Show to be on this important day, is that I have the right not only to ask, but  to demand! from God my success in that day.

So for 10 days, until the show, I continued passing my invites All over the City of Angels.
I walked from Agency to Agency just as I did in my last journey. All for this Show, that I believe will lead me to my Angel.