The Journey to Hell

and back to The City of Angels


After the Show I still had another 20 days there, so I wondered around in LA seeing what Fate can send me, knowing as in my last Journey, there is a Reason why I still there.

So in a few days I found myself in the Movie Screening of Andy Garcia's Epic film "The Lost City", and a Book-Signing of Stephen Baldwin.



And later Fate showed me the way to Arkansas in search of Love and help an Angel in need.

I found myself sitting on a Bus for 2 Days!! traveling all the way from LA to Arkansas while seeing my Angel's Beautiful Eyes as they guided me there.


When I arrived in Arkansas several Mysteries Events occurred that changed my life Forever!!

I experienced a combination of emotions, such as Fear, Treats, Disappointment, and Courage, all for the sake of Love...


Further details of those Chilling!! Events will be told on my One Night Only Poetry Show in The City of Angels, Friday, June 1.


I'll arrive to LA on Mid May, and start again my promotion.


I am awaiting to see you to share with you my Adventures...